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Our Staff

Executive Chef
Leon Dubinovskiy

Chef Leon came to The Saint Louis Woman’s Club in 1995 and became Executive Chef in 2000. He earned his culinary arts diploma at the College of the Ministry of Trade in Moldova and has achieved the status of Chef de Cuisine. Chef Leon relishes events that challenge his repertoire and creativity. He incorporates a variety of world cuisines to develop specialized menus that beautifully complement our events.

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Executive Chef Leon Dubinovskiy earned his culinary arts diploma at the College of the Ministry of Trade in Moldova, the only cooking school in his Russian hometown. He arrived in St. Louis at age 23 with no English. As an émigré, despite his previous culinary credentials, he had to virtually begin a new career in America. “I had an interest in food,” he says, “and I learned a lot during my compulsory military service starting at age 18.” In the army, Chef cooked three meals a day for 500 soldiers. His fine dining experience began when he came to America.

He was in English language school only two weeks when he began working at The European Café as a dishwasher—he was soon offered a fulltime job. “I had no idea what was going on,” he remembers. “I used to go and sit in the freezer!” He slowly built his cooking skills and through a contact with his brother, was hired at a steak house. “I wasn’t there very long and the chef quit. Suddenly I was in charge. I didn’t sleep, didn’t eat. I would translate the recipes into Russian so I could cook them!”

With a growing family, Chef worked two fulltime jobs, including at Sportsman’s Park in Ladue. He heard that The Saint Louis Woman’s Club was looking for a European Sous Chef so he applied with Chef Zettl, who was then The Club’s award winning Executive Chef. “Chef Zetll had 17 sous chefs before me, “ he recalls. “The training was difficult—an emotional rollercoaster—but I trained for five years with one of the greatest chefs in the country. His passion was cooking, he taught me classical French techniques. He wanted me to earn important certifications and encouraged me to learn and grow. It was hard training in the old style.” Among other certifications, Chef Leon achieved the status of Certified Chef de Cuisine.

In 1995, he became Executive Chef at The Club. “By then, I wanted to develop my own style. Having a chef coat doesn’t make you a chef,” he says. He began introducing some of the ethnic Russian dishes from his youth and including influences of Ukraine, The Baltics and other cuisines. Chef and his wife are passionate travelers. “I am always open to new ideas. I love to try the food of the places we visit and incorporate my version of those dishes into the menus at The Club.” His creativity, expertise in a variety of cuisines and attention to detail make events at The Saint Louis Woman’s Club a culinary delight.

Chef Leon relishes events that challenge his repertoire and creativity. He views each one as an opportunity to create a specific and unique menu. Inspired by an event theme or speaker, brunch, luncheon, or dinner, Chef incorporates a variety of world cuisines to develop specialized menus that beautifully complement our events. Every meal receives the same careful attention.

Weddings or special parties are an opportunity for Chef and his staff to exceed the expectations of the bride and groom or other hosts. From hors d'oeuvres to desserts, Chef’s menus strives for excellence and for artistic presentations that delight our members and guests. “There are no do-overs for someone’s special event,” he quips. “I find the challenge rewarding. Often you are preparing a meal people will remember for the rest of their lives.” We are lucky to have such a talented, versatile and gifted person in our kitchen.

General Manager
Kathy Best

As General Manager of the St. Louis Woman’s Club, Kathy Best is responsible for the guidance and collaborative leadership of this unique venue.  A seasoned professional with over 25 years of hospitality, Kathy’s experience has provided her with a management philosophy of optimizing operating results and maintaining a “member first” service culture to enhance member patronage and to maximize use of the Club’s facilities.

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When the nearby Chase Park Plaza Hotel reopened in 2000, Kathy was part of the team that helped to stimulate the economic regrowth of the Central West End. There she worked as Catering and Convention Service Manager, developing strong working relationships with many of the repeat clients. Her leadership and customer service skills were finely honed in previous positions with both Maritz Travel Company and Nix Conference & Meeting Management. These experiences also fostered in her a love of travel, and allowed her to visit such places as Bali, Budapest, London, Paris, Rome , Munich, Bogota, and many places in the United States. A graduate of Fontbonne University with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, Kathy lives in the City of St. Louis with her Brittany spaniel , Griff. She enjoys gardening, travel and riding as a passenger on her boyfriend Mike’s Harley Davidson.

Banquet Manager
Stela Georgivea

A love of cooking at age 9 started The Saint Louis Woman's Club’s Banquet Manager Stela Georgieva, on her path in the hospitality industry. After arriving in America from Bulgaria, she honed her skills at fine dining restaurants in St. Louis. She worked at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown prior to joining The Saint Louis Woman’s Club team.

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A love of cooking—especially for her grandfather—started The Saint Louis Woman's Club’s Banquet Manager Stela Georgieva on a path in the hospitality industry. While living with her grandparents in her home country of Bulgaria, Stela’s grandfather was her first ‘guest,’ and helped her develop her skills and a life-long desire to do things at a high standard. She studied criminology in Bulgaria where she met her husband. After he returned to the U.S., it wasn’t long before he helped get her a visa. She came to America and they were married. Stela worked in the kitchens of several fine dining restaurants in St. Louis, including Copia on Washington Avenue, where, in addition to cooking, she helped plan and manage the restaurant’s special events.

Her connections led to an opportunity to help open the high-end Four Seasons Hotel downtown. She honed her skills in hospitality and special events. Stela helped to open a new Four Seasons in Baltimore, and although offered a great opportunity at the hotel, her home was in St. Louis. Planning a special event at the hotel with (our now General Manager) Elizabeth Cordes was the door that opened to The Saint Louis Woman’s Club. Although Stela had never worked in a private club, when she visited at Elizabeth’s invitation, she fell in love with our beautiful house and accepted the position as banquet manager.

Being part of a close-knit team is an ideal situation for Stela, as well as the opportunity to get to know our members, their preferences and particular needs. She strives to make every guest’s visit to The Club better. She says it isn’t simply the surroundings that produce a luxury experience—service itself creates a personal and memorable experience. Even the smallest detail enhances the entire experience ensuring success.

She thrives on the variety of events at The Club as well as events for those engaging The Club for private events—and particularly loves her work with brides. “’Special Events’ is used so often it becomes almost common,” she says, “but when members and guests come to this beautiful club, I do want to create a memorable—and very special—time for them.” The Saint Louis Woman’s Club is fortunate to enjoy Stela’s warm and sunny personality, as well as her passion for developing protocols and helping provide our members and guests with a consistently high standard of service.

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